Powering Your Cloud

Ready to kick start your journey into the cloud? Look no further than Volteric Cloud, the next best place to start your next project.

Simplifying The Cloud

When using our Cloud Services we provide you with the ultimate control over your service so you can gather the best experience possible. Our control panel is built in-house with security and functionality in mind.

Multiple Operating Systems

We offer all sorts of templates; these include Ubuntu, Debian, RockyLinux, CentOS, Fedora and OpenSUSE. These are developed in-house and are updated every month.

Global Presence

Powered by the OVHcloud network and Anti-DDoS protection systems, our servers are connected to a backbone of 38 redundant PoPs with a total of 32Tbp/s network capacity.

Why choose us?

Speedy Setup

After you've topped up your account credit with the desired amount, you will be able to deploy a service within minutes ready for use.

Anti-DDoS Protection

All services are protected by a robust Anti-DDoS protection rated to withstand attacks up to 480gbp/s with a global mitigation presence.

Quality Hardware

Our servers run enterprise-class CPUs, Memory and Disk to ensure we can provide the best of service to your new product.

Friendly Support

Our support team, based in Europe are on hand and ready to help to the best of their ability with any issues that may occur.

Free Backups

All services include up to 5 backups which are taken twice daily, these can be restored free of charge by contacting our support team.

Address Management

You can manage your IPv4 addresses via our intuitive control panel meaning there is no need to contact us to manage records such as PTR.

Your Latency

Looking to purchase a server but not sure what location would be best? No problem, you can use our Looking Glass servers to mesure your latency to certain locations we offer.