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Secure your next project with Volteric Cloud services.

Services are powered by high quality and reliable hardware to ensure we provide you with the best of service. Cloud Servers are managed by our in-house designed Volteric Cloud Portal which was built with teams in mind.

Why should you switch to Volteric Cloud?

Looking to make the switch into the cloud? Take a look below into some of our features.

In-house Templates

We develop all of the Linux-based templates in-house for our services ensuring they are secured and up-to-date regularly for your next project.

Speedy Deployment

With our balance system, there is no need to pay per-service; simply top-up your balance and deploy your service - it will be ready in minutes.

DDoS Protected

All of our services come free with DDoS protection to help prevent attacks against your service; depending on the type, the level of protection might differ.

Simple Management

Our services are managed by a simple but intuitive control panel that is developed in-house; we are always working on new features for such which enable the best of experience when it comes to managing your service.

Service Backups

Free of charge, we take a backup of your service everyday; we store up to five of these. If you need to restore from a backup we've taken, simply reach out to our support team and we will action your request as soon as possible.

Address Management

Using our intuitive control panel, you can manage the PTR (Reverse DNS) records on your address. These can be configured to your desired as long as there is a valid DNS record point to such.

API Access

All of our services include Application Programming Interface (API) access; the documentation for such can be found within our navigation bar. You can manage all aspects of your service and account from here.

Global Connectivity

Our services are connected to global backbones which ensure your project is accessible simply and quickly from all around the world. Global presence differs per plan however we aim to provide you with a globall connected service.

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