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Last updated on 05/07/2022.

Fraudulent or illegal activities via the TomasSystems ("the provider") network is prohibitied. Examples of fraudulent or illegal activies include but are not limited to: adult content, cryptocurrency mining, hosting of malware and hosting or usage of copyrighed sofware or materials.
Services provided to the client, by the provider are designed for specific use cases, by purchasing the services the client agrees to the relevant contracts put forward by the provider.

Cloud Servers / Instances
The service provided to the client. Networking traffic flows through the AS16276 ("OVH SAS") network and is managed by the Volteric Cloud Virtual Management Interface ("VCVMI"). Usage of services must abide by local laws relating to the location of the service, as well as the networking provider AS16274 ("OVH SAS") local law ("Hauts-de-France"). Usage of these services may not be used for activies prohibited by TomasSystems ("Volteric Cloud") or AS16274 ("OVH SAS") which include, but is not limited to:

• Any violent, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene or promotion of terrorism material.
• Mass/unsolicited emails (including spam emails or excessive marketing emails).
• Applications related to or providing functionality to port scan (search for ports).
• Any form of content which is deemed to be phishing or a fraudulent representation of a recognisable brand.
• Any form of application designed to negatively impact a computing device (e.g. malware/trojans/viruses).
• Applications related to or providing functionality to 'cryptocurrency mine' (including operating such).
• Any pornographic content (this includes storing/displaying/distributing this type of content).
• Any copyrighted content without the rights/permission to the/use particular file or files.
• Content to encourage unlawful behaviour (e.g. hate crimes, terrorism and pornography including child pornography).
• Applications related to or providing functionality to DoS/DDoS attack ('booting', including front-end websites).
• Any illegal/unethical content.
• Any content deemed illegal within the United Kingdom or country hosting your service.
• Excessively consuming shared resources.

In the event of a violation of one of the aforementioned terms, outlined by the provider your account and service(s) will be suspended whilst an investigation of your service is carried out by our compliance team. We reserve the right to access your service via "SSH" or "VNC" to conduct this investigation. In the event we believe it was an accident, your your service was breached we will reinstall the service without warning whilst adding security and changing the IPv4 address to prevent the violation(s) from re-occuring. If we believe that the violation(s) were intentional, your service, account and contracts will be terminated effective from the time the investigation has concluded.

Abuse Reporting
If you believe a client on the TomasSystems network is abusing their service, you may report it by emailing admin@tomas.systems with all of the relevant details. We will not provide an update once the investigation has concluded to respect data protection regulations surrounding the client involved.

Company Address: TomasSystems, Unit 94351, PO Box 92, Cardiff, CF11 1NB
Data Protection Registration Number: ZB293387
Data Protection Officer: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Legal Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Technical Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Compliance Contact: TomasSystems Abuse Team (abuse@tomas.systems)