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Last updated on 30/08/2022.

Rights of Data Subject
The data subject of the relationship between the client and the provider, depending on the clients region/location have different data protection regulations and rights. Volteric Cloud is compliant with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Data Protection Act 2018.
Residents of the United States of America state California are subject to the CCPA (Californian Consumer Privacy Act) which requires the provider to secure their personal information, preventing it from being shared or sold.

Volteric Cloud maintains and develops a custom created and made secure & simply management portal. The management portal utilizes brower cookies and session storage to keep the Data Subject's information up to date and accurate. Said systems collect your IPv4 address for session security upon load of the management portal and or order system.

Under the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland Data Protection Act of 2018, minors under the age of 13 are not allow to sign or agree to contracts without written consent sent to the company address (listed below) from a legal guardian. If you are aware of a user under the age of 13 making use of Volteric Cloud services and or the TomasSystems Network should make the Compliance & Abuse team aware by emailing abuse@tomas.systems with the subject UK-DPA18 Minor Consent.

Data Storage
The clients personal information and general information is stored on secure servers within secure datacenters operated by one of the TomasSystems authorized providers within Tier 3 datacenters, these being: OVH SAS (AS16274), Hetzner Online GmbH (AS24940). These servers are secured by TomasSystems and are hosted in the following locations provided by the aforementioned providers; please do note that these only apply to personal data storage, not your service itself:

• London, United Kingdom (OVH SAS)
• Gravelines/Roubaix, France (OVH SAS)
• Nuremberg/Falkenstien, Germany (Hetzner Online GmbH)
• Montreal, Canada (OVH SAS)

Data Usage Policy
Information stored on the client is used for the purpose of running the clients active service(s), fraud checks & validation systems and contracts agreements (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Service Level Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy).
Personal information can be accessed from the Volteric Cloud Management Portal (Client End); only authorized administrators of Volteric Cloud and the TomasSystems Network have access to your personal data for account management.

Data Removal Policy
Your data can be removed, upon request without justification by contacting admin@tomas.systems. Please note, this will involve the termination of all active services on your account.

Data Collected
In order to verify the client, and provide services to the aforementioned we collect the following data:

• Email Address
• First Name / Last Name
• Internet Protocol Address v4 (IPv4)
• Home Address

Volteric Cloud and TomasSystems reserve the right to contact you via the email address listed on your account at anytime, without warning. Your email address is also used by our automated systems to send communications regarding your service.

Discord Communications
Upon joining our Community Discord Server you are promted to begin a verification process, during this we collect and store the following information: IPv4 Address, Origin ASN, Region, City and Country. This is to prevent mass botting of our Discord Server and to protect the members within. If you do not agree with the aforementioned data collection we are unfortunately unable to offer you access to our Discord Server.

Third Parties
In order for the provider, to provide services to the client personal information needs to be shared with secure third parties; these can be listed below. If you do not consent to your data being shared with the aforementioned, please contact us.

• Stripe (Payment Gateway) - https://stripe.com

Company Address: TomasSystems, Unit 94351, PO Box 92, Cardiff, CF11 1NB
Data Protection Registration Number: ZB293387
Data Protection Officer: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Legal Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Technical Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Compliance Contact: TomasSystems Abuse Team (abuse@tomas.systems)