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Last updated on 05/07/2022.

The contracts and points mentioned below defines a relationship between the company Volteric Cloud, trading as TomasSystems of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland; throughout the below contract, the trading is defined as "Provider", "Company", "We", "Us".

All and any definitions within any agreement (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Service Level Agreement and Acceptable Usage Policy) are in equal enforement in each agreement; enforced with negligible capitalization and quotation marks.
Headings of each agreement agreed to by the client shall not define said agreement.

The governance of ensuring all agreements are adhered to laws within the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, depending on service location, local governing laws are applicable and the provider cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by said governining laws against said client.
The provider, by law reserves the right if a legal prosecution by either party is actioned, the contracts acceptance will be brought forward.

The client agrees to all the aforementioned agreement(s) by checking a checkbox upon account sign up and the ordering of new products therefore is bound to all valid contracts of the provider. A violation of any agreement(s) may be subject to an account termintion, if said violation is severe the provider may seek legal action.

To be eligible to agree to contract(s) or agreement(s) you must not apply to any of the follwoing constraints:

• Be younger than 13 years of age (applicable under the Data Protection act).
• The client is unable to form, sign or dissolve contracts.
• To avoid restrictions put in place, using an alt account.

The relationship between the provider and the client is initiated upon account creation on the Volteric Cloud website; this relationship is permanent up until the point of account termination.
Upon service cancellation or service deletion, said relationship will be noted as halted and will not consist of any termination of account or said contract(s) / agreement(s).

The client agrees to operate their owned service, defined by IP address, email address and Forename/Surname under their own responsibility and liability, the provider cannot be held responsible for actions of the client.
In the event of a data loss on a clients service, the provider can only be held responsible if the provider was at fault (hostsystem failure).
We reserve the right to deny access to restoration of a clients service backups taken by our automated systems at 9pm every night (Europe/London).

The provider, can and will only accept payments via the following forms:

• Stripe (stripe.com - Debit/Credit cards)

Prices listed on the providers website are final and will not be changed. Services labelled with a (any colour) indicate they are a promotional product. Additional terms & conditions may apply; these will be displayed within the 'contracts' modal upon ordering.

A refund of services provided by the provider will only be granted at the discression of the billing support agent taking charge of the case; a refund will not be granted under any circumstances if it has been longer than 24 hours since the deployment of said service*.
In the event a chargeback or dispute is launched against the transaction which pays for said service, the service, account and contract(s) / agreement(s) will be terminated effective immediately whilst being added to a global blacklist from companies operating under TomasSystems.
In the event of a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, located at https://volteric.com/acceptable-use-policy a refund shall not be granted; even in the event of a termination.

*Service addons or upgrades do not apply to this policy.

Payment Failure
In the event a renewal order is overdue for 3 Days, the service will be terminated. During the aforementioned 3 days grace period, the service is in a "Suspended" state where all access to the service is denied however your data is still stored on our network.
The provider cannot and will not be held responsible for an accidental termination due to an outstanding payment for said services renewal.

Service Usage
All services provided by the provider are subject to the acceptable use policy, found here - https://volteric.com/acceptable-use-policy

Alteration to Terms
We reserve the right to upgrade any and all terms without notice, it is the clients responsibility to review the terms outlined regularly.

Provider Intellectual Property
The Volteric Cloud logo and name are protected via the UK unregistered trademark rights or general unregistered intellectual property. You are prohibited from using the aforementioned properties negatively or for commercial purposes.
Volteric Cloud will will only hold the reputation for the following domain names: "volteric.com", "volteric.cloud"

Company Address: TomasSystems, Unit 94351, PO Box 92, Cardiff, CF11 1NB
Data Protection Registration Number: ZB293387
Data Protection Officer: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Legal Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Technical Contact: Tomas Smith (admin@tomas.systems)
Compliance Contact: TomasSystems Abuse Team (abuse@tomas.systems)